An Integrated Solid Waste Management Approach: The Dhaka Cantonment Perspective:Original Article

Iqbal Shafi8



Solid waste management is considered as one of the most immediate and serious environmental problems confronting municipal authorities in the developing countries like Bangladesh. Inefficient management and disposal of solid waste is an obvious cause of degradation of the environment in most cities like Dhaka. For Bangladesh Army (BD Army), the resource constraint is an undeniable fact; it cannot be elucidated overnight. In  the  present climate adaptation and mitigation structure of BD Army, there are Cantonment Boards located in all the cantonments for solid waste management. In addition to tactical and technical matters, there are various administrative aspects also awaiting attention in present climate adaptation and mitigation process of the BD Army structure. The perception, approach and operational procedure in this field may have to be redefined. Adopting an integrated approach along with the help of Dhaka City Corporation, solid waste management can improve the quality of life in Dhaka Cantonment where good governance will take the lead role. Attitude towards disposal of waste plays a vital role for a new change. The present study develops a forecast for future waste generation that can assist in managing the waste in an effective way so that the adverse effect  of  generated  waste  on environment can be minimized.

Keywords: Bangladesh Army, adaptation, mitigation, good governance, disposal, fund

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