Methodological Issues in Suicide Research in Bangladesh

  • Anisur Rahman Khan East West University
  • S. M. Anowarul Kayes Shimul East West University
Keywords: Research, Bangladesh


We are writing to you to allow us to enter into an ongoing debate concerning a write-up titled, “Young teenage suicides in Bangladesh – are mandatory Junior School Certificate exams to blame?”published in ‘International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction’by Mamun and Griffiths (2020a).Arafat (2020), are searcher from Bangladesh, initiated the debate through a letter to the editor of that journal raising several theoretical and procedural/methodological flaws of the original publication of Mamun and Griffiths (2020a).Arafat (2020) finds this publication as “potentially flawed” and “purely hypothetical” (p.1).Hereafter, Mamun, and Griffiths (2020b) categorically refuted each of the claims raised by Arafat (2020)to justify their stance and flows writing another letter to the editor. Space will not allow us to touch upon each of their arguments and counter-arguments rather we would shed light on the major issues of their dissonance cornering the methodological issues. At the same time, we would also highlight our opinions in this regard.

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Khan , A. R., & Shimul, S. M. A. K. (2020). Methodological Issues in Suicide Research in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Public Administration, 28(2), 93-96.
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