Industrial Policy 2016 of Bangladesh: An Assessment from the Green Perspective

  • Sodip Roy
Keywords: Industrialization, market, sustainable development, environment, a green policy, innovation.


Green growth, green energy, and green industrialization have been moved to
the forefront of economic development in the present crux of environmental
degradation and climate change. Nowadays, different policies are having
green features. Literarily, the green policy generally denotes the
environmental policy, but other policies related to the environment may also
be green focusing on environmental issues. And his industrial policy
deserves a great attention of the policymakers in this regard. The
Government of Bangladesh (GoB) has formulated Industrial Policy 2016
which has been embedded with several targets conducive to green growth
and sustainable development goals (SDGs). As it is not a declared green
industrial policy, the question has been raised here and attempts to
scrutinize that to what extent or whether this policy can promote green
industries in the obvious socioeconomic condition of Bangladesh. This
article has maneuvered to evaluate this policy through content analysis and
found this policy as an elementary initiative for green industries in

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